We strongly believe that the key to sustainable conservation is in educating our children and young people. These people are the leaders of tomorrow, our future wildlife managers and future conservationists. If we can inspire a passion in them from a young age, they are more likely to go grow up with a conservation oriented mindset.

We also believe that for conservation to be effective it must benefit all parties; the animals themselves but also the people who share that environment and the local communities living in those areas.

Conservation will never succeed unless it is supported by local communities. Therefore, one of the most important aspects of conservation work must be to communicate the benefits of wildlife to the people sharing their habitat and environment, to local communities, stakeholders and anyone else that may be affected.

With this in mind, we develop education programmes about giraffe and wildlife conservation and the benefits it can bring. We show communities how important it is to conserve wildlife and demonstrate the benefits it has to them and their country.

We deliver these education programmes to local schools, community groups and colleges, and hope that by teaching people about the benefits of wildlife, the financial security and development it can bring through tourism, we can inspire and engage people and get them on board with our mission.

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