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The Giraffe Research and Conservation Trust (GRCT) is a small charitable trust that relies entirely on charitable donations from kind individuals. By donating to GRCT you are helping to secure a future for giraffes in the wild, whilst also contributing to conservation education, community development and training in developing countries.

We are predominantly staffed by volunteers and have little overhead costs, so your donation is maximized to go directly to our field programmes. This is an opportunity for you to make a real difference and help us secure a future for giraffes in the wild.

Donate Now:

You can make a secure, tax-deductible donation here:

Be assured that your donation will go directly to GRCT. If you would like to discuss major gift opportunities, or have an idea for fundraising, please contact us directly.

You can also support our projects by adopting a giraffe.

Thank you! 

Ways You Can Help

$10 will go towards our monthly running costs

$20 will help fuel our project vehicle (this may sound unexciting, but it’s needed desperately to keep our projects running!)

$30 will help keep our Education Centre in operation

$50 will buy materials to print education booklets

$150 will pay a GRCT ranger’s salary for one month

$600 will buy a camera trap

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