Adopt a Giraffe

Help GRCT to make a difference for giraffes in the wild by purchasing an “Adopt A Giraffe” pack.

An Adopt A Giraffe pack from GRCT includes:

  • Glossy photograph of your adopted Giraffe
  • Copy of your giraffe’s ID sheet used for research purposes (contains some interesting facts!)
  • Adoption certificate
  • Species information card
  • Fact sheet about your adopted giraffe
  • Information on wildlife conservation and challenges in Kenya.

GRCT’s Adopt a Giraffe packs make great gifts and can be sent directly to the recipient on any date chosen by you. Simply supply the recipient's name and mailing address as shipping information, and let us know that it is a gift. We'll even include a letter stating that the Adopt A Giraffe pack is from you.

GRCT’s Adopt A Giraffe packs cost $100 per giraffe. By adopting a giraffe you are helping GRCT to preserve and protect giraffes for future generations through our active programmes and field conservation activities.

You can help make a difference for giraffes by adopting a giraffe today!

To adopt a giraffe and order your “Adopt A Giraffe” pack, please fill in your details below, and make your donation through the button to the right.
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